Integrating Allegra with Single Sign On#

Single Sign On (SSO) systems allow users to authenticate themselves once for many applications, relieving them from having to log into each application separately.

Allegra supports SSO in three ways:

  • Allegra accepts authentication forwarded to it by a CAS based SSO system

  • Allegra provides support to easily set up an Apereo CAS ( SSO system, a tried and tested Open Source SSO product.

  • Allegra can optionally provide user and group management including self-serve password reset facilities together with an LDAP server like Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or OpenLDAP.

With Allegra-based SSO you get

  • User-friendly user and group management

  • Self-serve reset password support

  • Optional self-registration

  • Direct access from Allegra to Jenkins, Gitlab, Sonar, any PHP based application, and many other systems supporting the CAS protocols.