… workflows:

Notifications from workflows#

The Allegra Workflow Engine can trigger the sending of e-mails on its own. All templates of the type “Item changed” can be used. The workflow always refers to a specific item.

Determining the recipients#

Sending an e-mail is always linked to a state transition (also to the same state). The e-mail can go to a user group, a user or a placeholder.

The following placeholders are supported:




Author of the item


Processor of the item


Manager of the item


All editors of the item


All readers of the item

$(Submitter e-mail)

The sender address of the e-mail from which this item was created


Allegra sends notifications when an item is changed, even without workflows. Sending e-mails from workflows is therefore particularly suitable especially

  • in the context of escalations

  • for information on a very specific state transition (e.g. close)

With an escalation you can e.g. send a reminder e-mail, if an item has not been changed for a long time.

You can also inform a deputy of the responsible, if an item has remained in the same state for a longer period of time.

Or you can close an old item automatically, informing the author.