Configure email reminders#

Allegra can alert users via email, in the browser and via Slack of items that are due soon or are already overdue. You can set on which days of the week and how many days in advance you want to be reminded. These settings apply the same for all items. If you want to receive item-specific reminders, set such an item to individual resubmission.

You set the general reminders in your profile. This type of reminder refers to the item attribute “end”, i.e. the due date of an item.


For an individual reminder, drag the items to be reminded into personal reminder> resubmission.

General reminder setting#

For the general reminders, all open, not completed items of the user in one of the RACI roles (author, processor, manager, observer) are taken into account. You can limit the roles you have for an item to be notified. You can also set a restriction on the priority and impact of an item to make it eligible for notification.

You can specify the lead time and the days of the week on which you want to be notified.


For example, let’s say an item is due on Tuesday, April 24, and you have set your profile to send reminders only on Mondays. If you set the lead time to ten days, you will receive a reminder on Monday, April 16th. So in this example, in the worst case scenario, you could receive a reminder only three days before the due date of the item.

The following figure illustrates the case where an item is due on Fridays and reminders are only sent on Mondays and Thursdays. With a lead time of three days, the reminder is sent only one day before, that is, on Thursday.


Individual resubmission#

To assign an individual resubmission date to an item, drag the item in the item navigator to ‘Personal filing’ > ‘Resubmission’. Enter the date and save the item(s).

To remove the resubmission of items, drag and drop them to Personal Filing> Refile.

… image :: figures/reminder.png