Email templates#

There are templates for notifications sent by e-mail, which can be used to to define the content and presentation of the messages. Each template can be defined in multiple languages and in HTML format and as a simple text message.

To edit the templates, you must be logged on with system administrator permissions. Then go to Administration > Templates > Email Templates.


Email template types#

Each template is based on a template type. The following table describes the available template types for item-related notifications. Templates of the template type “Item changed” are also available for workflows.

Item Type


Item change

Item created or changed

Item created by e-mail

Item created by e-mail

Item plan/expense

Expense changed


Global reminder of items due

Send from item

Email sent from item

Item reminder

Item-related reminder

E-mail item creation rejected

Item could not be created by e-mail

The following table describes the template types that are available for administrative notifications.

Item Type



Welcome message after (self-) registration

Forgot password

Response to “Forgot password” action

Calendar change

Calendar change

Two factor authentication

Code for two factor verification


Templates for Plugins

Notification Events#

The system creates notifications based on notification events. Each notification event is assigned a global or an item type-specific or a workspace type-specific and item type-specific or workspace-specific notification template. The item-specific events are

  • Item created

  • Item created by e-mail

  • Single item change

  • Budget/Plan/Expense changed

  • Send e-mail from item

Editing an item set does not trigger a notification event.