Migrate Server and Database System#

You can relocate an Allegra installation to another server or change the database system.

Allegra stores most of the data in a database. Attachments are managed directly on the hard drive in the ALLEGRA_HOME directory. Follow these steps to migrate an installation:

  1. Update your installation to the latest version.

  2. Create a backup of your current Allegra installation (see Data Backup). This will give you a ZIP file located in the ALLEGRA_HOME/dbbackup directory.

  3. Install Allegra on the target system. You don’t need to configure anything in this new installation, as all data will be replaced by that from the original server.

  4. Follow the instructions for restoring data from a backup file (see Restoring Data from a Backup).

  5. Stop the new server and change the entries for database connection in the ALLEGRA_HOME/Torque.properties file of the new server, so that they point to the database, into which you have imported the original server data in the previous step.

  6. Restart the new server and change the directories for attachments etc. in the server management to those valid for the new server.


If you are changing the database system in this process, please note that this can lead to data loss due to differing maximum field lengths of the different systems. A switch to MySQL is usually unproblematic, but when switching to MS SQLServer and Oracle, the text fields should not have more than 4000 characters.