Creating Reports with JasperReports#

JasperReports reports are based on data sources and report templates. The data source determines the amount of items, which you then receive in a report. The report template defines the layout and the visual appearance of the item data.

Report templates accept a list of items and format them in the way defined in the template. Most of the included templates create PDF documents. There are examples of reports with and without change history, grouping, localization, and even charts.

To display a result set with one of the templates on the server, proceed as follows:

  • Create a result set with a filter. You can use all predefined filters.

  • You will see the item overview. Click on the “Export” icon in the toolbar.

  • You will see a list of available report templates. If you hover over the report name, you will see a preview of what the report will look like.

  • Click on the “Run” icon in the “Action” column of the report template you want to use. A new window opens with your set of items, formatted according to the report template.

If you go directly to the list of templates (Reports …) and click on the “Run” icon, the last set of items displayed in the item overview will be used for the report. So, if you want to try out several report templates, you don’t have to run the query again and again.