Lists for Standard Attributes#

There are four built-in system item attributes that offer you a selection of attribute values: Item type, Item status, Priority and Severity.

  • Manage Item Types: Each item belongs to an item type such as “suggestion for improvement”, “milestone” or “problem report”. You can delete, modify and add available item types. Item types are globally defined. However, you can specify which item types are actually available for each workspace type.

  • Manage Item Statuses: You can expand the list of available item statuses by adding new ones and modify or delete existing ones. For each item type, workspace type or workspace, you can select which item statuses are actually available at the user interface.

  • Managing Priorities: With priority, you can express how urgent an item is. But you can also express the importance of an item. The priority is particularly worth using for unplanned items, i.e. those that have no deadlines. Priority can be used together with severity to implement the Eisenhower principle.

  • Manage Severity: Severity or criticality defines how serious it would be if a corresponding item was not processed. Severity can be used together with priority to implement the Eisenhower principle.