The Allegra Power BI Connector#

To access Allegra from Power BI, you need a suitable connector on the Power BI side. This must be installed and configured once on each workstation, where you want to use Power BI Desktop.

Installing the Allegra Power BI Connector#

To install the Allegra Power BI Connector, proceed as follows:

  1. Download the connector from the Allegra download workspace.

  1. Copy the file with the mez extension to the documents folder of the current user, and in this to a directory named Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors. Example for a complete path:

C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors
  1. Restart your Power BI Desktop application.

Configuring the Allegra Power BI Connector#

For Power BI to be able to fetch data from your Allegra server, you need to tell it what address your Allegra can be found at and how to log in there. For authentication, you must first create an access token on your Allegra under Administration > My Settings > Access Token.

Start Power BI and add the Allegra Connector as a new data source:

  1. In the “Add data to your report” window, select “Get data from another source”

  2. Enter “Allegra” in the search field

  3. The “Allegra” connector should appear on the right side

  4. Click on Connect

  1. Enter the URL of your Allegra server, e.g.

  2. Click on Ok

  1. Add your personal access token and click on Connect


Now the connection should be ready and you can access the Allegra data.