Importing Tasks from MS Project#

As a project administrator, you can import an entire project from an MS Project file. During the import process, Allegra tries to find the tasks to be imported. Tasks that already exist in Allegra are not created again, but only updated.

You must be logged in as a System Manager or System Administrator.

Make sure you have saved your MS Project plan in MS Project XML format.

MS Project offers some features that are not available in Allegra. You can use MS Project to create and maintain your project plan, carry out your resource planning, and later you can use it to monitor project progress.

When you import an MS Project plan into Allegra, all MS Project data remains intact, regardless of whether they are used in Allegra or not. Later you can export all data back to MS Project to make further changes. You can edit MS Project tasks in Allegra and play the changes back into your MS Project file.


MS Project


Planned Value (Work)

Duration * Assignment Units

If there is no assignment, we assume hours per workday and one assigned resource

Budget (Work)

Duration * Assignment Units of the Baseline-1 values if available, otherwise planned value (work)

If there is no assignment, we assume hours per workday and one assigned resource

Actual work performed

Duration * Assignment Units

Effort in working hours or workdays and other expenses e.g. for external services

  1. Go to the item overview. Drag the MS Project file you want to import into the item overview.

  2. Select the project into which you want to import the tasks from the MS Project file. Click on “Next”.

  3. You must specify how you want to handle unknown resources. You can create these as new Allegra users or map them to existing users.


Importing tasks from MS Project#

Allegra will update existing tasks in its database and create new tasks with the item type “Task”. The entire MS Project data file remains intact, so that you can recreate the original MS Project file from it through an export.