Notifications from Workflows#

The Allegra Workflow Engine can initiate the sending of emails on its own. Templates of the type “Item changed” can be used. The workflow always refers to a specific item.

Determining the Recipients#

The sending of an email is always linked to a state transition (even to the same state). The email can go to a user group, a user, or placeholder.

The following placeholders are supported:




Author of the item


Responsible for the item


Manager of the item


All editors of the item


All readers of the item

$(Submitter e-mail)

The sender address of the email, from which this item was created


Allegra also sends notifications without workflows when an item is changed. Therefore, sending emails from workflows is particularly suitable

  • in connection with escalations

  • for information at a very specific state transition (e.g. closing)

With an escalation, you can send a reminder email, for example, when an item has not been changed for a long time.

You can also inform a deputy of the responsible person when an item remained in the same state for a long time.

Or you close an old item automatically, but inform the author in the process.