Workspace-Specific Cockpits#

wsman sysman sysadmin

To facilitate collaboration, you can provide teams with workspace-specific and release-specific cockpits. This gives each team member the same view of important information.

The general procedure for managing these cockpits is the same as managing your personal cockpit.

  • Switch to the Administration > Workspaces perspective. Alternatively, click on the workspace bar in the left navigation area.

  • Select a workspace in the left navigation area.

  • In the second navigation area, select “Cockpit”.

  • To configure a workspace-specific cockpit, click on the Configure cockpit for workspace button in the toolbar. To configure a release-specific or phase-specific cockpit, click on the Configure cockpit for releases button in the toolbar.

  • Now you can configure the cockpit just like your own. The only difference is that a filter is automatically applied to all cockpit widgets that restrict access to items that belong to this workspace and this release.