Some item attributes offer a selection from a list of predefined values, from which the user must select one or more. There are built-in lists in Allegra with a fixed assignment to attributes as well as customer-specific, freely assignable lists.

System Lists#

The fixedly assigned attributes with their system lists are:

  • Item type

  • Item status

  • Priority

  • Severity

The logic for the values of these lists is linked to “flags” or a numerical value, which you assign to your list entries. The selection value has no meaning for the application logic.

These lists are always globally (system-wide) available. You can limit the amount of visible selection values from your list to a subset for each item type and workspace type. For example, you could have the item statuses “open” and “closed” for milestones and additional statuses for the item type “problem report”. More information can be found in the section Workspace Types.

These attributes are assigned a logic, e.g. in the notification and workflow engines. You can change the elements of these lists, but not the lists and attributes themselves.

Custom Lists#

You can create as many custom lists as you want. Custom lists do not have any specific application logic associated with them. You can make custom lists globally or only available for a specific workspace. Allegra offers five types of custom lists:

  • Simple selection list

  • Expandable selection list

  • Multiple selection list

  • Expandable multiple selection list

  • Cascaded selection list

The last type, the cascaded selection, can be complex. Allegra comes with implementations for a parent-child list, a parent and two children list, and a parent-child-grandchild list.

Custom lists are assigned to custom attributes of the same type. You can assign different lists to the same custom attribute in different workspaces or projects. For example, you can define a customer list as a custom attribute. In different workspaces or projects, you can assign different customer lists to this attribute.

All custom lists can be made globally or workspace-specifically available.