Multilingual Documents#

You can manage each document in multiple languages. With a language selector, you can choose the language to be displayed for the entire wiki. To activate the language selection, you first have to create a selection list with the desired languages. Then you create two custom attributes:

  • a simple selection list named “WikiDocumentLocale

  • an item selector named “WikiDocumentLocaleReference

You assign the language list to the first attribute. When you now go to the wiki view, you will get a language selector at the top. In the context menu for a document, you have the option to create other language versions of the document. When you create a new language variant in this way, the attribute “WikiDocumentLocaleReference” is set to the original document (in the language chosen at the top of the wiki), and the attribute “WikiDocumentLocale” to the new language.

The two attributes “WikiDocumentLocale” and “WikiDocumentLocaleReference” therefore only need to be placed on the input masks for your documents if you want to change the values later.