Manage Severity#

The severity or criticality defines how serious it would be if a corresponding item was not processed. The severity can be used well together with the priority for the implementation of the Eisenhower principle.

You must be logged in as a system manager or system administrator.

Here you manage the globally available severities. In the configuration of the workspace types (see Workspace Types), you define which severities are actually available in a workspace.

  • Go to Administration > Customize > Lists > Global Lists > Severity

  • You can now change, add or delete a severity. You can assign an icon (16 x 16 px, GIF, SVG or PNG format) to each entry. You can also assign a CSS style to each entry, which is used for formatting items in the item overview.


If you rename an entry, it may be that the change is not visible on the user interface! This happens if you have certain localizations for the selection entries, which is the case with all predefined entries. In this case, the localized values are displayed and not the label that you define here.