Working with Baselines#


A baseline is a collection of documents in a certain version. A baseline always refers to a specific branch. Baselines are immutable, i.e. items displayed via baselines cannot be edited.

Creating Baselines#

To create a baseline in a workspace in the Wiki Navigator, click on the workspace to open the context menu. Select “Create Baseline”. To create a baseline, the user must select a branch. The baseline is created based on the selected branch. All documents that are in the HEAD of the current branch are members of the baseline. It is not possible to remove documents from a baseline or select a different document version than the HEAD.

Viewing Baselines#

To view a specific baseline, select “Switch Branch/Baseline” from the context menu of the Wiki Navigator. The above dialog shows the procedure when switching. If the user does not select a baseline, the system switches the target workspace to the selected branch. If the user selects a branch, the baseline component is reloaded and displays all baselines created within the selected branch. If the user selects both branch and baseline, the system displays the documents from the baseline.

Deleting Baselines#

To delete a specific baseline, select the “Delete Baseline” option from the context menu of the Wiki Navigator.

Editing Baselines#

To edit a baseline, select this baseline and click on the “Edit Baseline” button in the toolbar. In the upcoming dialog box, you can edit the name and description of the baseline.

Comparing Baselines#

See “Comparing different branches and baselines”.