MS Project Import Conflict Resolution Rules#

When you import an MS Project plan, conflicts with existing tasks may occur. Allegra follows specific rules to resolve such conflicts.

If a task exists in Allegra but has been deleted from the MS Project project, you will be asked if you want to mark this task as deleted in Allegra as well.

If a task has been deleted in Allegra but still exists in the MS Project project, you will be asked if you want to restore the task in Allegra.

The following fields can be changed either in Allegra or MS Project, and the changes will be synchronized when importing into Allegra:

  • Planned work value

  • Remaining estimated work

  • Start date

  • End date (due date)

  • Task dependency links

  • Task title

If work, start date or end date have been changed in Allegra after the last modification date of the MS Project project, you can select the desired value during the import conflict resolution process.

The conflict resolution for task dependency connections is based solely on the last modification date. If a dependency connection has been changed in MS Project, it overwrites the Allegra link if the MS Project file was modified later than the link in Allegra. Otherwise, the Allegra link remains unchanged.

The same behavior applies if links have been deleted. If a link has been deleted from the MS Project file, it will also be deleted in Allegra if the MS Project file modification came later than the last modification of the link in Allegra.

If there is a conflict with the task title, the Allegra title remains unchanged.

Data for the actual work is never imported from MS Project files into Allegra, as this data is typically modified by a large number of team members and not by a project manager. However, the actual work is exported to MS Project files so that it can be analyzed by the project administrator.